Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) renders different standard Marine Cargo policies to provide covers according to latest insurance world clauses for local and international transportation of goods.

Clause A: The most complete cover which is usually used for the susceptible and damageable goods. 
Clause B: This cover is to compensate for risks covered by Clause C in addition to the following perils and risks: 
• Earthquake, volcano or lightning. 
• Entry of sea, lake and river water into means of carriage or place of storage. 
• Total loss of one complete package during loading to or discharging from vessel. 
• Meanwhile, in Clause B cover, usually risks like non-delivery, theft, pilferage, breakage, shortage are added. 
Clause C: The condition of this insurance covers the following risks: 
• Fire or Explosion. 
• Vessel or craft being stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized. 
• Land Transit vehicle being overturned or deviated from the line. 
• Collision. 
• Discharge at port of distress. 
• Cargo sacrifice. 
• Jettison.


Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) offers insurance covers for different types of carrier vessels including container or bulk cargo ships, passenger, fishing vessels as well as oil tankers. Hull and Machinery of insured vessels are covered according to the standard international insurance clauses as follows:

Clause no 280 (All Risk): 
• Total and Partial Loss to Hull & Machinery
• ¾ Collision Liability 
• General Average expenses 
• Sue & Labor charges
 Clause no 284: 
• Total Loss of Hull & Machinery 
• General Average expenses
• ¾ Collision Liability 
• Sue & Labor charges 
Clause no 289: 
• Total Loss of Hull & Machinery 
• Sue & Labor charges
 Clause no 346 (Fishing Vessels): 
• Total and Partial Losses to Hull and Machinery 
• Collision Liability 
• General Average expenses
• Sue & Labor charges 

 Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) Aviation policies are planned to cover risks related to ownership, operation and use, repair and maintenance, as well as sale of the insured aircrafts. 

Aviation Department in Iran Insurance Co. while rendering cover to compensate for loss or damage to aircraft's Hull and Passengers develops terms of such insurance to include the following subjects and further undertakings: 
• Hull War insurance 
• General Liability insurance 
• Total Loss insurance 
• Airport Equipments insurance 
• Hull Franchise insurance 
• Loss of License insurance (Pilots & Engineers)
• Production Liability insurance

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