Personal insurance is generally provided in three specific and major groups:

• Life Insurance 
• Accident Insurance 

• Health Insurance Life Insurance

1. Life Insurance covering only death risk 
• Term life 
• Whole life 
• Whole life with premium payment limit 
• Children life 
• Decreasing term life 

2. Endowment Insurance 
• Life and saving 
• Marriage portion 
• Dowry expense 
• Comprehensive life 

Accident Insurance

Mostly accident insurance are in the form of coverage of risks of accidents at all time (24 hours a day) and at any place, during the validity of the insurance policy and includes professional, occupational, sport, mission, travel and other risks: 
• 24 Hours Accident.
 • Work and Occupation Accident. 
• Mission Accident. 
• Sport Accident. 
• Tourism & Travel Accident. 
• Educational Accident. 
• Family Accident.
Health Insurance

 1. Medical Surplus Group Insurance 
All employees and family members under the guardianship of the employees of organizations, institutes and industrial units can be insured according to Medical surplus insurance coverage as it is the bylaws approved by the Supreme Council of Insurance and may use the advantage of these insurance policies for compensation of hospitalization and surgery expenses in hospitals and limited surgery centers and Para-clinical centers.

 2. Worldwide Travel Insurance & Assistance Benefits: 
• Payment of medical expenses 
• Medical transportation 
• Medical referral 
• Payment of emergency dental expenses 
• Repatriation in case of death • Legal assistance 

3. Foreign Visitor's Policy Inside Iran Benefits: 
• Payment of medical, surgical and poisoning treatment costs 
• Transfer and admission to the nearest hospital in Iran 
• Repatriation in case of long hospitalization or death 
• Legal Assistance • Attendant's travel expenses to Iran in an emergency